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3 Tips You Need to Know For Amazing Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

The great thing about digital marketing is it enables you to sidestep the major concerns businesses have with traditional marketing techniques. The foremost among these is cost. You would know that many online portals allow you to market your business for free. However, free marketing wouldn͛t get you far, especially if you trying to generate leads. This is why […]

How to Choose a Prize for Your Social Media Contest or Sweepstakes

People love winning. People love free stuff. Combine the two and you discover that people love winning free stuff.   You can harness this innate desire of your target audience to market your business through contests and sweepstakes on social media. People tend to veer towards brands that offer stuff for free, even if it means entering a […]

Increase Your Facebook Followers Easily With This Hidden Feature

Do you want more followers on Facebook? If you answered no, you probably don͛t have a Facebook page for your business. The fact of the matter is that Facebook is the social network when it comes to online marketing. You have to attract as wide an audience as possible to your Facebook presence to truly reap the rewards of your investment […]

How to Do Popular Social Media Raffles the Right Way

People love free stuff. In fact, people love free stuff that they can win online. Raffles and contests are a great way for businesses to obtain the information they need about prospective leads and offer some incentive in return. However, there is a right way to do social media raffles and a wrong way. If you make any mistakes during […]

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Right Now

The other social networks may be hogging the limelight as far as social media marketing is concerned but Instagram has slowly and steadily risen to the top of the pack. Today, over 60% of brands around the world are on Instagram and that number will only continue to grow. While that is a testament to the potential of the […]

How to Hire Amazing Employees with Facebook Job Posts

LinkedIn may be the professional social network but Facebook is fast becoming the new hub of social media activity for businesses. In that vein, Facebook has now introduced Job Posts. As a business, you can now list the vacancies that you are looking to fill on your Facebook page. Of course, there are some considerations that you have to […]

The 7 Biggest Instagram Stories Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Did you know that over 85% of the leading brands around the world are active on Instagram? A majority of them post at least one photo or video in a week. The Instagram following for the top brands is on the rise, which is why it comes as no surprise that this social network is becoming extremely […]