Monthly Archives: March 2017

6 Insane (But True) Tips about Marketing on Instagram

While it may not be the final frontier as far as online marketing is concerned, Instagram is fast becoming popular as a means of reaching the target audience. An ever increasing number of brands are harnessing the reach and power of this platform and leveraging it for generating leads and bolstering their sales. However, you cannot simply set up an […]

Why Facebook & Instagram Video Advertising Is the New Black

Social media marketing has been around for around a decade, but its dynamics change constantly. SMM is an integral part of any online marketing campaign today. That being said, not all social media platforms are made equal in terms of reach and viability. You need a platform through which you can get your message across to your target audience […]

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Yelp Reviews

Over half of the online consumers around the world check reviews before purchasing a product or service. Yelp is among the foremost platforms for customer-generated reviews of businesses. As a business owner or manager, you would be wary of the impact a single negative review can have on the prospects of your business. Therefore, the need of the […]

3 Valuable Tips for Scheduling Social Media Posts that you need to know

Social media has provided a viable platform for businesses, big and small, to cater to a wider audience. Billions of people around the world use Facebook, Twitter and the likes on a daily basis. You can get your message across to your target audience in a simple and accessible way via these platforms. However, your […]