3 Easy Steps to the PERFECT Social Media Posts for your Business

You should be ready to start posting now! But you may have one question… “what should I post?”

This can be an overwhelming topic but if you break it down to easy pieces then it’s actually pretty easy!

Step 1 – Choose A Theme For the Month

Every business is usually looking to focus on one or two things at any given time. For a retailer, this might be the new season collection they just got in. For a restaurant, this may be a couple of new dishes they just added to their menu.

Having a monthly theme gives you a box that you know you must stay in which makes thinking of posts much easier. When you have too many options it usually leads to indecisiveness.

Step 2 – Get Your Ads Ready

Ads should make up 30% of your posts… if you post daily then this is roughly 2 posts. Ads are strictly sales tools so they’re usually pretty easy to put together. If your restaurant has a new dish then take a picture of the dish and add big bold words overlayed on the image selling the new dish. If you’re a retailer having a sale then show the sale items with big bold words overlayed on the image saying “20% Off” or whatever the deal is.

Ads usually have text on them while non-ads usually don’t.

Step 3 – Entertain Your Fans (with things related to your business)

Assuming you’re posting once a day and your ads are complete then you now only need to create 5 posts per week around your theme. Posts that have pictures or videos tend to do better than those without so always make sure you include one or the other.

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Try to find things related to your business that will be entertaining to our fans. If you’re a retailer then you might do a few posts about a recent fashion show… which you just so happen to carry in your store. If you’re a nightclub then you might feature pictures from parties you had recently.

All of these posts should indirectly sell your fans on your business in one way or another. Never post anything completely unrelated to your business/product/service!

Resharing pictures that your customers have taken at your business and tagged you in is also a very easy way to find content to post… most customers will also be very excited to be featured!


Have questions or comments? Post them in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!